Thursday 6 February 2014

Rimmel Rave (for under €5 too!)

A good black nail polish is hard to come by. If the consistency is too thin it will not dry true black and instead will be an off grey colour. If the consistency is too thick
it will take AGES to dry and will inevitably get smudged. Annoying. I also find that black polish goes "off" quickly. In that it will become thick and gloppy and refuses to dry. I have a theory that it happens because of the high level of pigment? No proof just a theory.

Anyways enter Rimmels 60 seconds nail polish in 800 Black Out (€3.79). It dries quickly, not in 60 seconds but quickly. It dries opaque in one coat (I still do two!). Has great lasting power, I find 4-5 days with no chipping and that's without a topcoat. The brush is also a fantastic design. It has a wide brush so three swipes coats an entire nail. The shaft of the brush is short too for better control on application.

They have a great colour range from classic colours such as reds and pinks to pastel shades to darker shades. They also have a range of finishes glitter, shimmer and metallics. I think these nail polishes are a great formula with a really reasonable price tag, they get a big thumbs up from me. I had actually forgotten just how cheap they are until I was writing this post, they are well under a fiver. When I look at my nail polish stash Rimmel makes up the majority of it and before I fell prey to blogging hype Rimmel was all I bought.

Let me know if there are any high street nail polish beauties you love to add to my humble (cough) collection...

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