Sunday 11 May 2014


Lately I have been drawn to taupe eye shadow.  Taupe can be described as a greyish brown with a cool undertone, I usually go for more bronze brown shades with a warm undertone.  However I have been enjoying the way in which the cool undertones in it bring out the blue in my eyes.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo in permanent taupe is a great matte taupe with generous staying power.  I use the Rimmel Scandeleyes kohl kajal eye liner in taupe all over my lids for a convenient, quick wash of colour, the just gives a slight definition and draws attention to the eye area without being too obvious.  Urban Decay do a great matte offering tease in their Naked 2 palette.  In the line of something with a bit more dimension, Wet n Wild do a beautiful almost metallic offering in their Silent Treatment palette.  Word to those of us with oily lids, I use a primer as a base with all of the above, as most of them wouldn't last an hour on me without being cemented into place!

Let me know below if there are any more highstreet/drugstore brands that do a decent taupe eye shadow in any form, because I've been looking but they seem to be few and far between?  I hope everyone is having a really good Sunday.  Also my posting hasn't been regular lately thanks to boring life stuff, but I am going to do my best to at least post more regularly until I can get back into a rhythm again.

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