Wednesday 12 March 2014


I have only had this a few days but I wanted to put out this review because this is a great product.  At first I was a little sceptical, as it promised fuller brows, and I wasn't sure how exactly Benefit was going to come through on this promise.
 I figured this was just another tinted brow gel.  I picked this up in Debenhams for €22.40 during a 10% off day.  It comes in two colours light/medium and medium/deep, I got the medium/deep as my eyebrows are dark brown, almost black.

I could not have been more wrong about this.  It is a tinted brow gel, but it also has fibres in the gel that adhere to skin and other eyebrow hairs to give temporary extra eyebrow hairs.  My brows are quite a good size at the moment, but I have sparse areas.  This fills in those sparse areas to give me Brooke Sheilds brows.

Above is my brow without Gimmie brow and below is with it combed through.  Sorry the lighting is different on the bottom snap, but you can see the difference in the middle and end of my brow, it makes it look much fuller.

At the moment this only comes in two shades, I found the darker one does match my eyebrow colour but it is easy to become heavy handed with this.  A small number of small strokes with the the wand is all I need or my brows start to take over my face.  My hair is naturally quite dark, so if you have light or medium colouring or a warm tone to your brows I would swatch these first.  I don't find the holding power of the gel keeps my brows in place all day.  I found after a couple of hours that a few pesky hairs were starting to stray from the bunch.  To combat this I have been waiting for the Gimmie brow to dry and then putting my trusty Kiko Eyebrow designer gel over the top.  This has been working beautifully.  It still takes less time than drawing in the hairs and to me looks more natural.  After a few hours of using this alone I found it did bleed a little onto the area surrounding my brows.  This is probably because of my oily skin I suppose.  Kiko gel to the rescue again here.  I don't think this would be suitable to swim in!

I really like this product once I had figured out the kinks!  I think it is a great concept to use the technology from fibre mascaras (which I'm not mad about) to fill in eyebrows, well done Benefit.  If they brought out more shades, amped up the holding power and made it waterproof it would be perfect, for now I'm quite happy to use this with my Kiko gel.  I really like this and I look forward to seeing the highstreet take this concept on.

Let me know below if you have tried this and what you thought because I'm dying to know how other people have been getting on with this.  I hope everyone is having a lovely day.    

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