Friday 7 March 2014


I have been on the hunt for an everyday drugstore/high-street foundation for a long time.  Laura Mercier Luminous silk is my all time favourite foundation but at about €50 a tube, its too expensive to wear daily.  When I was younger I tried a
few drugstore/high-street foundations, with my oily/combination/pale skin, a lack of confidence and less knowledge it lead to some pretty horrific orange shiny patchy foundation situations (two words pan stick).  When I first got into makeup about a year ago, I read blogs and watched YouTube videos in attempt to gather as much knowledge as I could retain about the different skin types and different foundations that suited them best.  I started on my quest again to find a foundation for my skin type.  First I found Laura M and it was perfect, but I still needed a cheaper alternative.  I tried many and they were OK nothing compared to Laura Mercier for me.  Fast forward to 2 months ago and some raving from Amelia Liana about True Match and I knew I had to try it.

It didn't disappoint.  This is the best high-street foundation I have come across for my oily/combination/blemish prone skin.  I love this.  It has a medium coverage.  It covers redness, and blemishes and evens out my complexion.  It does tend to sit in my crater size pores but a primer underneath sorts this out.  I wouldn't hold that against True Match though as most foundations, even the expensive ones tend to settle into my pores.  It has a semi-matte to satin finish,  it has some oil control properties to it, but isn't completely matte and does give a little radiance to the complexion which I like.  I used to prefer completely matte finish, but this was before I realised how careful you have to be to not look like you've just died, so these days I like a bit of glow to my skin.  It has a lasting time of 4-5 hours on me, which I feel is good considering most foundations disappear from the middle of my face after about 2 hours.  Add a little powder and I'm good to go again.  

There are 22 shades to choose from.  This can be a double edged sword.  I think its great to see a high-street brand mimicking the high end counters taking into account different skin tones, different undertones in peoples skin and the different textures of skin.  It can become confusing trying to figure out the right shade, and at the high end counters there are assistants to help and guide you if you need it.  If you are unsure of your skin undertone and  shade, it can be really daunting facing 22 shades.  On the L'Oreal website there is a questionnaire to help you figure these things out.  I did the quiz and a got a shade number.  Then I went to my local chemist and tried a few different shades around the one the website suggested and I eventually decided on R2-C2 rose vanilla.  I love this shade, it gives me a little extra colour without looking artificial.  It blends seamlessly.  I can't rave about this foundation enough.

At €15.99 it is on the expensive side, but it is the best I've found out there.  I would gladly pay the money again and again and  again.  It is on offer quite regularly so even though I love it, I might wait until then to pick it up.  Are there any high-street foundations that might work with my skin that you have found out there that I need to try?  Please let me know below.  Hope everyone is having a good day.  

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