Monday 10 March 2014


These are the products that I've tried and tested on recommendations from the blogging kingdom.  The only one I tried on whim and loved was the Ren Clear Calm 3 clarifying clay cleanser.  Most of the products are pretty hyped up, however I am pretty hard to please.  My skin is oily and blemish prone in the centre of my face with crater-like pores, while dehydrated and tight around the edges
with tiny dry patches within the oily parts.  So anything that works for me is basically a miracle in a tube/tube/bottle.  I have repurchased each of these numerous times.  I fall back on these whenever my skin is playing havoc and I don't know what to do.  These never fail to help remedy what ails my skin.

Emma Hardys Amazing Face Morninga Cleansing Balm
This product is one of the most hyped products in the blogger kingdom.  It is worth every bit of the hype I think.  I didn't want to love this, I really didn't, mostly because of the €42 price tag.  I tried to find fault with it, but the difference it made to my skin is undeniable.  I don't break out as much any more, the breakouts I do get clear up faster and my pore size and the space they occupy has been reduced.  I found this was too rich for me to use morning and evening, so I just use it in the evenings now.  Since I started using it once a day I feel my skin has improved even more.  This balm dose an excellent job of cleansing while being super rich, moisturising and nourishing.  It has really helped to balance out my skin.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.
This is an oldie but a goodie for me.  It was the first cleanser I bought and tried on a blogger recommendation (I think it was Anna from viviannadoesmakeup, way way back) and it certainly impressed.  It started my love affair with skincare and then blogging and then makeup.  This cleanser continues to impress me to this day.  It is a good all around cream cleanser.  I always bring the mini of this when I'm away from base.  When I got burn like marks on my face after a chemical exfoliant, I turned to this and it cleansed my skin without irritating or making the burns worse.  I find this great in the morning if I want an extra clean feeling (I'm currently trailing using only a micellar water in the morning) because it is light, non-stripping and leaves me with a fresh feeling face.  

La Roche Possay Serozinc
This is a soothing toner.  I used this when I had those chemical exfoliation burns and it worked a treat.  The next morning things were significantly improved and  within three days they were barely noticeable.  This toner is able to dry up breakouts and reduce shine but without stripping my skin.  Its an excellent toner. 

Indeed Labs Hydraleuron
This is a serum that rehyrdates my skin without me having to use a really rich moisturiser, which will break me out.  My skin can feel so tight that I really want to just throw caution to the wind and go in with the rich moisturiser but I always regret it after.  Enter hydraleuron, this product holds 1,000 times it own weight in water, so I feel when I apply my normal light rehydrating moisturiser that this amps it up, gives it an extra kick if you will without over loading my temperamental skin.  Using this nightly has improved the texture of my skin also.  My skin feels softer and more supple and those pesky dry patches in the centre on my face are no more!

Ren Clear Calm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser
This is the first clay cleanser I have come across.  Let me know below if I lead a sheltered beauty life and there are loads of clay cleansers out there!  I use this as a second cleanse on days when my skin isn't behaving.  It is great for clearing out pores and drying up breakouts.  I leave this cleanser on for about 10 minutes to really get a deep cleanse and give it time to work its magic.  The only thing is it can be a bit drying due to its serious cleansing power, so a moisture mask is required after.  Maybe this one isn't for overly dry gals as I imagine it might leave your skin feeling like a tin roof under the hot sun.  This also needs plently of warm water to make sure it completely washes off.  I felt like it left a layer on my face if I didn't properly spend time washing it off.

There are my skincare saviours.  It was hard to pick a title for this post because I rely on these products they never let me down, they are heros for me.  Forever repurchased says it all really though doesn't it?  Considering the amount of products out there (and how fickle I am when it comes to beauty), any product that gets repurchased must be something special.

Let me know what skincare items you have repurchased in the past or do continue to repurchase.  If you have the same skin type as me (even though I'm sure that possible or that I would even wish this skin on any body else!) please let me know anything that you've found helpful to try and please this angry skin!  Hope everyone is having a good day.  Its beautiful and sunny here today yay!  I should also be getting a new camera today, a fancy 'proper' one so there should be a improvement in the quality of my pictures soon.  Hopefully.  When I get the hang of it.    

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