Friday 11 April 2014


Since the sun has come out again, there is a touch of spring in the air and it has started to creep onto my nails.  I usually go for dark nails come whatever season, but now I'm all about white  nails.  Finding the right consistency in a white polish has proven quite tricky.  A couple that I tried were too thick and took too long to dry.  One was too thin and the results were a little streaky and patchy.  As in the story of Goldielocks and the three bears ''one was just right''.  Black nail polish throws up similar issues, which I posted about here.  This time though Rimmel wasn't the answer.

Energy source from L.A. Colours (pictured second left above) was the only white polish I had prior to two weeks ago.  Used mainly for french manicure tips and as a base for glitter polishes, it was largely unused.  The consistency of this is quite thin and it is difficult to get an even finish.

I picked up the white from Rita Ora's collaboration with Rimmel in 703 white hot love (pictured first left).  Normally I love the formula and the brushes from their 60 second polish range, but this is a fail for me.  The consistency of this is too thick and it takes two coats way too long to dry.  Boo.  Here you can take a look at the collection from

Next up I picked up the new gel formula from Models Own called white light (pictured far right).  This formula is better than the Rimmel offering, it is a little lighter in consistency.  The nails I managed to do in one coat came out perfect, but the one's that required a second coat I found were streaky and slow to dry.  I still want to try some other colours from this range to see if they really are a gel effect finish, they are €7.65 each here.

My fourth and final white polish is the winner by far.  It is of course Essie's blanc (pictured aboved second right).  The brush is great, three swipes coats one nail easily.  You could get away with just the one coat, two gives a perfectly opaque finish.  The second coat dries no problem.  The finish this gives is beautiful and even.  Essie do some amazing colours and the finish is gorgeous, they are available here, for €9.99.  They are on the expensive side for a drugstore polish, but they are the best polish I have tried in terms of consistancy, brush, finish, lasting power and for their unique colours.

Essie blanc was the definite winner for me.  Let me know if you have tried any good white polishes lately?  I hope everyone is having a great day.

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