Thursday 10 April 2014


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Here are some of the new releases that have caught my eye.  It's going to take every ounce of my strength not to rush out and but these, so for now I can merely admire them from afar.  Very far away because if I see any of these in the flesh I'll end up buying them.

Although I might just have to get the Ojon cleansing conditioner in the name of research!  I want to give the shampoo a miss for a month and see if it can go some way to helping my dry, wavy, frizzy, fine hair, because it's just looking crap at the moment no matter what I try and do.  So really it's a mercy mission for this conditioner, could it even be a matter of life of death?!  No too far, mercy mission will do grand!  

I mainly want the Revlon scented nail polishes (Revlon are calling it their 'Parfumerie Line' very fancy) because of the bottles, they are just so pretty and a little old school.  The colours that are available do seem to well chosen and would be a welcome addition to even the most vast collector of polishes.  The scents aren't just fruits either, with such choices as sunlit grass, surf spray, balsam fir, ginger melon, Italian leather, African tea rose, tropical rain, beachy, to name just a few!  It's on the Jo Malone line there.  These look like beautiful polishes and now I really want to collect them all.  They are currently on sale here for €8.99 from

The new Nars contouring palettes look amazing.  If their other powder compacts are anything to go by they should be fabulous.  However, at €37 here I'm going have to put it on wishlist for a while, boo.  Although, I've heard that their singles are better quality than their duos.  It's a beauty dilemma for sure!

L'Oreal Glam Bronze bronzer is a new matte bronzer set to hit the highstreet soon.  Badly needed, as I find it so difficult to find a cheap bronzer for fair skin that is matte.  The more options the better right?

Special mention to the Laura Mercier Artisan Palette and the Bourjois Mani & Pedi Remover.  I will definitely be picking up the Bourjois nail polish remover when I see it, how genius is it?  Here is a link to Zoe Londons blog post on it, she has all the info plus beautiful (as always) pictures to accompany it.  I won't be picking up the Laura Mercier Palette, although I think the matte shades in it are gorgeous, after reading here from Lily Pebbles that the price has gone up so much since Christmas, boo to you Laura Mercier.  As a beauty consumer I don't mind paying a little extra for a brand that has a good reputation like Laura Mercier, but they have raised the price of this palette from £36 to £60.  I know, WOW.  All that has changed is that they have included a mini mascara and cavier stick, that essentially costs them nothing.  At £36 we are already being slightly taken for mugs as it would cost £20 at the most to manufacture.  But £60?!  I'm really annoyed about this actually.  Laura Mercier needs to check itself because most beauty consumers I know are intelligent, sharp people who can smell a con a mile off, and this reeks!!

Let me know if you have come across the L'Oreal Glam Bronze any where? I couldn't find a link to it on the Boots website and I am dying to get my hands on it.  Let me know what new beauty realseas you are looking forward to, incase I'm missing out on something!  I hope everyone is having a great day. 

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