Monday 14 April 2014


Now that spring is here, I decided to start getting my legs ready for when the weather gets warmer.  Although I love beauty, I can be quite lazy when it comes to the more time consuming tasks, like body moisturising, and Lord knows I need it.  The skin on my legs is so dry, my doctor once commented on them and prescribed me a medical grade moisturiser for them, when I went in with a sore throat!  As for fake tan I have had a few disasters in the past and I tend to steer clear of the stuff, no matter how jealous I am of the people who can apply it properly.  It is just not a talent which I posses!

When I got this St. Tropez Gradual Tan an 'everyday body moisturiser' free with a magazine, I thought beauty bingo a moisturiser and fake tan in one perfect for my poor old legs.  The only fake tan I use, for emergency/desperate occasions, is the St. Tropez bronzing mouse which I scrub to death in the shower to tone it down.  I figured if I got on with their mouse, their gradual tan version should be a match made in heaven.  This has a light white cream consistency.  It is a little greasy but it dries in about 5-10 minutes, and does leave an initial moisturised feeling.  The consistency of this cream makes it easy to apply, it adheres well and sinks in quickly.  As it leaves a softness to the skin it is easy to identify any missed areas.  I did find that that it took quite a lot of product to cover both my legs, but perhaps it seemed that way to me as I only have a 75ml sample tube.  It is available here from €17.99 for 200ml.

This doesn't have the traditional biscuit scent to it.  It is heavily fragranced with the St. Tropez deep musky scent.  I don't mind it too much, but it is a little 'old lady perfume' scent to be honest.  The main reason I steer clear of fake tan is that most of them no matter what the shade or the brand come up orange on my skin because I am just so pale.  I was really impressed by the colouring this gives, it is just a hint to match the upper half of my body.  In typical St. Tropez style it gives a realistic bronze finish.  I have even taken this on to my arms and body, that's how much I like it.

The wear time on this is not the best.  They are not kidding when they say an 'everyday' moisturiser.  I find with most gradual tanners I use them every second day to get a slow light build up of colour, and then to maintain the tan without it going too dark/orange.  This one seemed to disappear by the second day, so it needs to be applied every evening diligently, and that takes dedication.  It did fade evenly, even on my dry dry legs so I give it extra points for that.

I found after the initial moisturised feeling post application the hydrating properties of this weren't enough for my extra dry skin.  My legs were starting to get cracked and flaky by the second day (too much info there, sorry).  I love the colour pay off from this tanner so much I feel that I would forgive it anything.  If you are a regular tanner I would recommend the medium/dark shade as this may be a little subtle, and the medium dark gives a beautiful bronze just back from holidays look.

Let me know if you have tried this tanner and what you think of it?  If you know of any good (or cheaper) gradual tanners for the pale almost pink skinned of us out there please let me know.  I really am considering trying out their facial tanner version of this as well, so let me know if you have tried that?  At €17.99 for just 50ml, I want to be sure it is as good as its body counterpart before I splash my cash.  I really hope everyone is having a great day.   

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