Thursday 20 March 2014


I picked this gorgeous palette up at Christmas time in one of my local chemists on a whim basically.  It was reduced from €37 to about €19, which is why it originally caught my eye.  I'm absolutely delighted I bought this.
 I'm sure it is an end of line/last seasons collection, but Clarins bring these out every so often in various beautiful guises.  Their polka dot one I think is particularly beautiful.

Clarins Opalescence Face & Blush Powder
Image from Clarins UK

The Face Eclat palette is made up of a flesh toned, pink and peach powder.  Used together it can be placed onto the cheeks and temples as a light bronzer.  Place the brush more in the pink and peach side and it can be used as a blusher.  The colour starts off sheer giving a hint of colour (which is perfect for me as I am so pale) but can be built to a good solid colouring.  The shades of bronzer and blusher that this palette gives off are truly beautiful and is perfect now that spring has finally arrived.  This is a great palette when I'm in a hurry because it gives me a nice tanned (but not bronze) colour and  I can get my usual just a hint of blush from this too, without accidentally going over-board.  It's perfect for subtle or ''no makeup'' makeup.

The packaging for this is seriously luxurious, well done Clarins.  It is a gold block with a small ''c'' in one corner.  It has a classy vintage feel to it.  It also comes with a red velvet pouch, unnecessary but none the less fabulous.  Makeup just feels fancier when it comes in a velvet pouch doesn't it?  I have this on display on top of my Muji storage for all to see it is just so beautiful.  It has a nice large mirror on the inside of the lid.

If you can't already tell I'm really in to this palette.  I have said beautiful several times during this post, it really is love.  I'm torn between wanting to use it all the time and not wanting to disturb the beautiful flower (which I think is a lily?) embossed into the powder.  This is what I consider to be collectable makeup.  Almost too beautiful to use, even if it is so damn good.

Have you tried any of the Clarins face and blush palettes?  What do you consider to be collectable makeup?  


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