Monday 3 March 2014


I had seen a few different bloggers talk about these and compare them to the Laura Mercier Caviar stick eye shadows.  I thought they would be a good for a swipe and go product.  At €6.90 each I couldn't resist
picking up a few different shades (They are €4.90 on the website at the moment).

Kiko say these are long lasting 8 hour, no transfer eye shadow (but then they would say that wouldn't they?!).  So I used a primer on one eye and none on the other eye to test said claims.  I do have oily skin and my lids so tend to get oily.  On the eye without primer the eye-shadow did disappear and reappeared in the crease of my eyelid, like a colourful oil spill.  On the eye with primer as a base there were also missing patches, but it seemed to fade more evenly.  Primer is a definite must with these fellas if you have oily lids.  I have ended up bringing what ever colour of these I'm wearing with me in my bag for touch ups.  Not ideal really, when I wanted these for a swipe and go eye-shadow.

The colour pay off from these isn't as intense on application as I had hoped.  Even with a primer.  It can be built up, to a fairly decent colour pay off but nothing that blew me away.  I felt I had to drag these across my eyelids, which I am not crazy about.  The texture of these can feel a little waxy and can be patchy, however they do blend well, I found the warmth of my little finger works a treat.  The finishes that contain glitter seem to be more waxy and difficult to apply, as opposed to the straight up metallic finishes which are easier to apply but are bordering on too creamy to stay in place.

I haven't been blown away by these eye-shadow sticks.  The lasting power isn't great, they aren't as pigmented as I would have liked and the formula didn't impress me either.  I will work around these issues by using primer and touching up on the go, as I like the concept, I just wished they lived up to my (high) expectations.  The highstreet brands need to get on this long lasting stick eye-shadow band immediately.  

From top to bottom: 06 golden brown, 04 golden chocolate, 37 burgundy, 05 rosy brown, 07 golden beige, 35 pearly calypso rose

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