Wednesday 26 March 2014


Urban Decay have brought out their version of 'build your own quad' and this one does not disappoint.  As with most Urban Decay products the packaging is cool and funky, if a little bulky.  The main attraction of this quad for me is the ease at which the pans can be put in and then switched out again. The colour combination can be changed in this quad for the season/occasion/trip.  The beauty of this palette is I only need to bring this one and it can be whatever I need it to be.
 Urban Decay has repackaged its single eye shadows so the pan is easily removed and be placed in its various build able palettes and can easily be returned to its single casing again. Genius.  No more buying duplicates of eye shadows in single and in pan form.

I don't need to go in to the quality of Urban Decay shadows as it is well documented.  Needless to say they are buttery soft, pigmented, blend well and wear like a dream.  This is palette is priced at €12.50 in Debenhams.  Also included is one neutral peach eye shadow to get the collection going.  I felt this was a nice touch, well done Urban Decay.  Buying an empty quad for me, lacks some satisfaction.  It's a beauty purchase but realistically there is no beauty use for it when it is empty.  I think it's a great incentive including one eye shadow.  The single eye shadows to fill it are €18, a bit on the expensive side.  However, I think the quality and the dual casing options make them well worth it.

Could this be the ultimate 'build your own quad' system?  I really do think so.  Let me know what quad system you love below.  If there is a better (or cheaper) system out there please tell me, because lets face it there can never be too many palette in our collections can there!?  I hope everyone is having a really good day.

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