Monday 24 March 2014


This did the rounds of the blogging kingdom last year, receiving universal praise.  I am pretty new to (and pretty awful at) contouring, but this was even said to be foolproof!  Before breaking this baby open, I was quite happy with using the NYX blusher in taupe, which I whole heartily recommend.  This is in a different league however.

When I first opened this grey toned brown powder I was intimidated by just how pigmented and deep the colouring is in the pan.  I actually didn't use it for a long time and stuck with NYX blusher because I was convinced I would end up going over board with this, then end up with too stripes of mud under my cheeks and having to redo my entire face.  Eventually I decided that I would have to try this, it cost €40 and it was doing nothing staring up at me menacingly from the top of my Muji drawers.  I felt the right brush for application could make or break this product for me.  I am very fair/pale skinned, I get no tan what so ever, I am almost pink in complexion.  I bought this during my first trip to Space NK ever and clearly I got really carried away, because at this stage I was having serious doubts as to whether I could actually pull off this medium (as its described) shade powder.  I had been using the Real Techniques duo-fiber contour brush with the NYX blusher, but I felt a light hand with a brush with a smaller surface area might work better with this powder.  This contour brush applies just the right amount of product and  blends it out like a dream, because it is a little denser than its duo-fiber cousin.  It has been a match made in makeup heaven for me, and has helped me tackle my Sculpting Powder fear!

This powder is truly astounding.  I was sceptical due to the small amount in the pan, the colouring, and how pigmented it seemed to be, but it won me over.  It creates cheekbones on my round face.  I do not usually go for the bronzed look or I've just come back from holidays look (as I said I'm super pale), and this didn't alarm me as I feared it would, it comes across quite natural.  For me, it is probably a bit much for day time during the spring/summer, but I love this for an evening/formal look.

The product itself is on the small side, 3.10g for the €40 price tag.  If you contour everyday then it probably will run out fast.  I don't contour on average day and when I do I only apply the smallest pinch, so little as the pan seemed to me, it will last me a long, long time.  It is a lucky thing that, because if this was a blusher it would be gone in no time and I would be seriously disappointed.

The burning question is if I ever use this up would I repurchase?  Repurchasing is the ultimate accolade in the beauty world, I feel!  I don't think I would, it's just too expensive for the 3.10g you get.  There are other contouring powders that are a similar colouring that will more or less do the same job.  Although it does the best contouring job I have come accross, there are other things I'd rather spend €40 on.  Have you tried this?  Please let me know below what you thought of it?  Would you pass this by or can you not be without it?  Do you have any suggestions for a good contouring powder I could try out?  Enable away.  I hope everyone is getting through Monday and is having a good day.

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