Friday 21 February 2014

Blush for beginners

For a long time I could not understand blusher.  Too many times I had seen it over applied and it looked daunting.  I have quite a lot of redness
around my face and I naturally wanted to cover this up, I thought why would I want to add more redness to my face?  Then I found Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo, they informed me that foundation is to get a blank canvas, while blush can bring warmth, definition and dept (which basically means it gives you colour and makes you look alive).


Since I am a newbie myself I generally tend to stick with two main blusher shades, pink and peach.  Although I perfer pink shades, the peach shades seem to suit me better and are easier for me to wear. I started out with powders as they seemed easier to control how much is applied and easier to correct mistakes.  Cream blushes seemed a bit pigmented and daunting to me at first, but they do give a beautiful sheen with their finish.  I found them no trouble once I had the basics mastered.  I rather powder blushes because my skin is oily and most of the time I can do without added sheen.


Duo fiber brushes are good for picking up enough to give a little colour at a time so it can be built up.  Take a little off on the back of your hand to make sure too much doesn't go on.  There are a few different areas of the face you can apply blusher to, depending on the look you are going for, so go to YouTube for an expert explanation.  I usually smile and place the blusher on the apples of my cheeks and slightly upwards toward my temples.  Next is to blend blend blend into the surrounding foundation to make it look seamless and not just painted on.  If you find you have put too much blusher get the brush you used to apply your foundation and stipple over the blush with the residual foundation remaining on your brush.  I stick to neutral shades and play around with placement until I'm fully happy that the blush is complimenting the shape of my face and my colouring.  The brushes I use are the Real Techniques duo fiber contour brush for powder blush and Real Techniques expert face brush for cream blush.  

My recommendations that are pictured above are Rimmel lasting finish soft colour blush in 010 santa rose and 050 live pink (€5.85).  NYX blush in PB 09 Rasin (€6.25) for powder.  For cream blush Bourjois cream blush in 01 nude velvet (€10.49) and Max Factor miracle touch creamy blush in 14 soft pink (€10.09) also pictured above.  Let me know if you have suggestions for a blusher newbie.

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