Saturday 8 February 2014

Soap & Glory Powders

Powders are something that Soap & Glory do really well. I realised this when all the face powders I was using on a daily basis were Soap & Glory. So here is a little
review of each.

Glow All Out (€14.00)
A beautiful highlight colour that strikes the perfect balence between peach and pink. It has a visible shimmer to it in the pan, but this doesn't translate too much on to the face. It has the most beautiful finish that catches the light perfectly. It's my current favourite highlighter. I know I can use this day or night.

Solar Powder (€14.00)
A duo toned bronzer, on the left a typical bronzer shade with a matte finish and on the right a lighter shade with a fine shimmer running though it. I find this bronzer works great on my pale complexion. I use a large brush and swirl it around both shades then dust over the high points of my face. I don't find this to be too over the top or orange for even day time. You can also go lighter or darker depending on the occasion by using one side more than the other. It's hard to go too heavy handed with this and it's easy to blend if you do. It did come with a scary looking purple holographic embossing but after a dusting with a brush this disappeared. Thank goodness for that. This was the bronzer I most reached for in 2013.

One Heck of a Blot (€15.00 ish price not available on
This is a great blotting powder. It reduces shine, gives a matte finish for 4-5 hours without requiring a top-up and doesn't get cakey when topped up. It almost appears yellow toned which is good for counteracting redness. Although it is good if I can remember this was about €15.00 which is a bit expensive for a highstreet powder. Bourjois Healthy Balence powder is €11.99 and I feel it does a similar job, so at €3 cheaper you might want to go for that.

They are all great powders but if I could choose only one? The Glow All Out because I use it almost everyday I wear make up and it will last forever. What Soap & Glory products do you love? Let me know your recommendations, especially the body care stuff.

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