Wednesday 19 February 2014

Kiko Eyebrow Designer

I only got this a week ago but already it's love.  I was sceptical about the "eyebrow designer" claim as I thought it would be just another clear mascara.  However the claims
aren't that far fetched.

Firstly the wand with this is amazing.  One side is the normal mascara type wand.  The other side is shorter more densley packed almost like a spooley.  You get two different wand types in one.  Genius I think.  I use the spooley side to get a proper comb through and distribute the gel.  The mascara wand side for gently securing the hairs in place.


This eyebrow gel keeps my unruly brows tamed without them going hard and crispy.  I find it accompanies other brow products like pencils, powder or wax well by setting them ensuring they last longer during the day.  It doesn't flake off or leave white flakes in eyebrows.  Just the right amount of product comes out to keep the hairs in place while not disturbing any shading or filling in that has already been done.

At €7.20 I thought this was a bit expensive for just a clear mascara.  But the clever brush, the formulation of the gel and the way it wears makes it worth it.  It has become a daily staple for me already.

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