Monday 24 February 2014

The Makeup Brushes I use the most

Make up brushes can be a bit daunting.  There are lots of different brands, doing different brushes, with different types of fibres, in different shapes and sizes that do different jobs in very different price ranges.
 My advice (through expensive trial and error)?  Go and see the brushes in person before you buy them.  Peoples faces are different sizes and shapes.  For example the Real Techniques blush brush is much too large to use on my face for blush and is better I've found to lightly sweep on bronzer.  At the end of the day the names and information that brands put out with their brushes are guidelines, so use them for whatever works best for you.

Foundation/Base:  Real Techniques buffing brush
Bronzer:  Real Techniques blush brush
Contouring:  Real Techniques contour brush
Highlighter:  Real Techniques setting brush
Powder:  Real Techniques duo-fiber face brush

Blush (powder):  Real Techniques duo-fiber contour brush
Blush (cream):  Real Techniques expert face brush

Concealer (under eye):  Real Techniques base shadow brush
Concealer:  Real Techniques detailer brush

Eyeshadow (application):  Mac 213 fluffy brush (what a cute name and it's official got it from
Eyeshadow (blending):  No 7 blend & contour
Eyeshadow:  smashbox 15, Mac 217, Real Techniques shading brush, Real Techniques accent brush
Eyebrows:  Barry M angled brush

Sorry about the state of my old Mac 213 in the picture above, my dog got to eat the handle for 30 seconds before I was chasing her like a woman possessed.  I know I should get a new one, but it was the first "proper" makeup brush I got and it was my mothers.  So a sterilisation and a few tears later it's as good as new and has a bit of character.  That brush is nearly 10 YEARS old and is still in great condition and is my favourite eyeshadow brush.  Anyway ramble aside, there is no doubt that makeup brushes are a worthwhile investment.  Luckily Real Techniques are fabulous and they can be picked up from for €10 for a single and no more than about €20 for a set, which is a bit cheaper than boots.  They stock them all year round so there's no need to panic order and spend a lot of money.  As I am fairly new to makeup I didn't want to spend the earth on a brush collection but I wanted good quality and for me that's always gonna be Real Techniques.  

Do you know of any fairly reasonable brush brands that I should try out?  Has anyone tried Sigma brushes?  How do they compare to Real Techniques?  Any suggestions on brushes I should I try (if it is a little expensive that's ok if it's love for you it could be for me too!).  

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