Saturday 8 February 2014

How I wash my make up brushes

Brush cleaning is boring but nessicary. If you have make up brushes and your putting them onto your face they need to be washed frequently (which to me means occasionally when I get a mad fit to). Since today
is Sunday and you may have a little time to spare, go and give your poor brushes a spruce up. Two products I use are a brush conditioner (they call it a conditioner because it's supposed to benefit the brushes too) from bareMinerals and a massage mit from Soap & Glory. A massage mit you cry? Let me explain...


The mit is made of silicone and has little raised bumps. These raised bumps are good at getting the bristles of the brush moving, allowing a good lather to foam up, they get right into the middle of the bristles and really help to get rid of product build up. It is also good for rinsing the brushes and making sure all the cleanser has washed out. This glove is €11.00 in Boots & at I picked it up after seeing the SIgma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove ($35.00), thinking it would do a similar job. I don't know if it does or not but what I can tell you is it does a fantastic job and I'm delighted with it. At €11.00 it comes in a bit cheaper than the Sigma one too. If you have the Sigma glove let me know what you think of it.


The cleanser I use I'm not really too fussed about. I got it in a set so I'll use it up. It's not bad or anything it does clean my brushes. The thing is it doesn't say if it is antibacterial or not, so I just take it it's not. I really would rather if it was. Any suggestions on good antibacterial brush cleansers would be greatly appreciated.

So here is what I do step by step.
1. Run brushes under hand warm running water. Be careful not to let the running water run directly over the area where the bristles of the brush are attached to the handle as this can loosen the glue and cause the fibers to fall out. Run the water just below this meeting point.
2. Place a tiny amount of cleanser onto the mit. Swirl the brush gently around to create a lather.
3. Wash glove under running water then repeat swirling motion. Repeat this step again.
4. Wash brushes under running water (again taking care not to wet the meeting point) to rinse cleanser out. Swirl the clean brush onto the mit to ensure the cleanser is really washed away.
5. Squeeze out excess water. Place on the edge of a table/surface to ensure one side doesn't get flattened while drying.


Let me know if you have any tips or know any steps that I'm missing out on. Also if you know any of the technical stuff behind brush cleaning please share.


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