Monday 17 February 2014

Super Facialist Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Skin Renew Cleansing Oil

Facial oils are a new discovery for me.  The blogging world went gaga a few months back over the Nude cleansing oil.  At £28.00 ish I didn't fancy investing that
much until I knew that an oil as cleanser was for me.  So I skipped down to Boots to see if I could find a cheaper alternative to start with.  This is €13.19 but I'm sure I got it on offer for about €9.  It turns out oils are great for taking off make up, it literally melts it away with gentle rubbing movements.  It removes mascara without having to tug at the eyes.  One easy step takes away all my make up.  Where has this been all my life?!

This oil has a strong orange scent to it, however it didn't break me out.  Best avoid it if you have very sensitive skin or you don't like oranges.  It has the consistancey of water so be careful it doesn't spill everywhere.  I use three fingers to catch it and apply it to my face.  It says that it removes dirt and impurities as well but I always double cleanse when I wear make up.  I can use it on my eyes without any stinging or redness after.  I don't add water to this either as it suggests.  I wash the oil off with a face cloth and warm water (if I wanted a milk I would use a milk).  It didn't leave a residue, shine or film behind after rinsing off.  My face felt clean and soft.

The only issue I had was there is no pump included.  I took a pump from another product and cut it to fit this bottle.  It took awhile and was messy.  I think some water that was on my DIY pump caused some emulsification of the oil too but it still works perfectly well.

I wish this oil was less scented and had a pump as standard.  Overall it's a great product and I use it everyday to remove my make up.  It's a 200ml bottle and is lasting me ages.  Am I gonna try the Nude offering when this is used up?  No chance I'm on to a winner here I think.  Have you tried any oil cleansers?  Let me know any recommendations you have.

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